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How do we make youth organizations more inclusive?

Which role can youth organisations play in preventing social exclusion? Book Right to participate for a workshop on diversity and inclusion on the topic!

Youth organizations are great social arenas for youth that are largely open to everyone. Social exclusion, however, is still a problem among youth. Individuals who feel socially excluded are often hard to reach. Which role can youth organisations play in preventing social exclusion? Are we doing enough?

In this workshop we will discuss diversity and inclusion in youth organisations. The goal is to achieve an increased understanding of diversity and inclusion and to reflect about the importance of these. We will also assess what can be done in your organisation to make a positive change. The workshop will utilise various group exercises to take on these issues, and we are excited to hear your stories. No two organisations are the same.

The Right to participate-program

The workshop is organised by the participants in the Right to Participate program, an exchange project between LNU in Norway and YAK in Kenya about youth, radicalisation and violent extremism. The project seeks to improve youth participation in civil society as a means of reducing the prevalence of factor, such as social exclusion that are often part of the radicalisation of youth and extremist group recruitment.

The group is made up of two people from LNU’s member organisations and three people from YAK’s member organisations.

How do we book a workshop? 

The participants will leave for Kenya at the end of March, and the latest possible time to book a workshop is March 23th. Because of travel costs it is only possible to book a workshop in the Oslo region. 

Fill out my online form.

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Publisert 6. mars 2018