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Sted: Colombia, Nepal, Madagaskar
Søknadsfrist: 01.03.2017

The Youth Delegate Exchange Programme (YDEP) is an exchange programme for young adults, with broad volunteering experience, and at least one year within the Norwegian Red Cross. YDEP is an exchange for Norwegian Red Cross volunteers, meaning that the youth delegates will represent Norcross throughout the exchange. Every year, Youth Delegates travel to 3 Partner Red Cross/Red Crescent National Societies in Africa, Asia and Latin America, to support and strengthen the work of Red Cross youth volunteers, and learn more about the Red Cross movement’s work internationally. From Autumn 2016 to Summer 2017, Red Cross Youth facilitates the exchange of youth delegates to the Colombian, Nepal and Madagascar Red Cross.

We are now calling for applicants who want to work as Youth Delegates in Colombia, Nepal or Madagascar. The application process is two-fold. First, one applies to attend the obligatory Youth Basic Training Course (YBTC), a Red Cross preparatory course for all potential Youth Delegates. Going through 100% of YBTC will then provide the participants with the eligibility to apply for the position of a Youth Delegate.

The contract will commence on the 14th August 2017, starting with a 3-weeks obligatory pre-departure preparatory course in Oslo followed by the mission abroad from 5th September 2017 to 25th May 2018. Upon return, there will be an obligatory end of mission debrief seminar in Oslo from 11th to 20th June 2018, and with a contracted 225 hours after work in Norway, that is flexible and agreed individually but must completed within 2018. One can apply for YBTC even if they do not wish to apply as a Youth Delegate in the same year, and will be eligible to apply as a Youth Delegate in future until the year one turns 28 years. 

We are looking for applicants that meet the following requirements:

  • Between 21 and 28 years
  • Broad volunteering experience especially within development/youth issues
  • Minimum one-year experience as a volunteer in the Norwegian Red Cross
  • Good physical and psycho social health
  • Good level of written and verbal knowledge in English, Spanish for mission in Colombia, and French for mission in Madagascar
  • Motivated to working closely with young Red Cross volunteers
  • Interested in working with youth participation
  • Participate at the obligatory YBTC from 20th-23rd of April at Sundvolden hotel. (Norwegian Red Cross will cover food, accommodation and travel costs from within Norway).
  • Available to start contract from 14th August 2017 and mission abroad and homecoming seminar from 11th to 20th June 2018.
  • Permanent residency in Norway, and available for after work in Norway.

Areas of work and tasks for Youth Delegates:

  • Supporting on-going youth activities in the Red Cross Partner National Societies
  • Facilitating leadership training, organizational development for youth volunteers
  • Dissemination and training of Red Cross Principles and International Humanitarian Law
  • Information work and blogging about the everyday life and work of a Youth Delegate
  • Sharing own experiences as Youth Delegates to Red Cross Youth and Red Cross districts and local chapters and youth groups in Norway
  • Contribute to strengthening financial resource bases for Red Cross youth activities
  • Contribute to ensuring continuous and sustainable Red Cross youth activities
  • Sharing information on Norwegian culture

We shall offer our Youth Delegates:

  • Interesting work experience within the biggest International Humanitarian Movement in the world
  • Meaningful and rewarding working tasks during 9 months in the field in Colombia, Nepal or Madagascar
  • 3 weeks training by the Red Cross Youth and Fredskorpset-Norway, prior to departure
  • The opportunity to contribute to and develop Red Cross Youth in Norway during 2-months of follow up work
  • Accommodation, travel and expenses connected to visa/vaccinations
  • Living allowances during the mission

You can read more about YBTC and being a youth delegate here. You can also follow the current youth delegates on their blogs on:

Application deadline: 1st of March 2017

We are looking forward to receiving your application and CV in English. All applications should be sent through HR-manager.

In case of any questions, kindly contact Odilia Häussler Melbøe, the National Coordinator for YDEP at: or 45811530.

Publisert 16. januar 2017