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The participants met with the Kenyan Muslim Youth Association in Nairobi.

Goals and content of Right to Participate

What is the Right to Participate exchange programme about, and what goals does it aspire to achieve?

LNU and YAK work to ensure that youth have real and meaningful participation and more decision-making power in their own lives and in society. We believe strong youth organizations are necessary for young people to be heard, participate and influence. Inclusive organizations can prevent vulnerable youth from being recruited to extremist environments. This is also the main theme for Right to participate.

All over the world, unemployment rates are higher among young people, youth are hit harder by economic crises and are more often politically marginalized. This also makes youth more vulnerable to radicalization and extremist groups, both in Norway and in Kenya.

In the years to come both Norway and Kenya will have to make plans for how to implement and reach the new Sustainable Development Goals. These plans must include youth, and we hope this exchange programme can contribute to this.

The development goal of Right to Participate is to contribute to the fulfilment of target 10.2 and 16.7 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which we have rephrased to:

  • Empowerment and social, economic and political inclusion of youth irrespective of ethnicity, origin, religion or economic status
  • Responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making for youth at all levels

Expected results of the exchange project as a whole after 3 years

  1. Our member organizations have more competent young leaders to run central activities and develop the organizations.
  2. Our member organizations are more inclusive.
  3. Our member organizations have stronger participation and impact in political and religious decision-making processes, especially regarding the development agenda.

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During the exchange, our participants will both receive training and give training. The detailed activity plan will build upon the skills and experiences that our participants bring with them to the programme. Here are some of the activities that the participants can expect to meet.

During the preparation seminars the participants will, among other things, learn more about global issues, intercultural communication, project and financial management. They will get to know each other, the organizations involved and the project at hand.

During the exchange they will

  • Receive, and give trainings to member organizations, on the mechanisms behind extremism
  • Receive, and give trainings to member organizations, on advocacy work
  • Receive, and give trainings to member organizations, on organizational development
  • Contribute in activities of LNU, YAK and their respective member organizations
  • Meet relevant civil society actors, and public, religious and political institutions and actors
  • Do research, arrange events and supporting in office work

Apply for next round

The rounds of Right to participate will start in January/August. The exchange will be in Norway for two months, and continue in Kenya for another two monts. Follow up work will be done in your own home country. 

Deadline for application in May 1st. og October 15th. Use the application and nomination forms from the menu below. NB: Only for Norwegian applicants/members of one of LNUs member organizations. Applicants from Kenya need to apply through Youth Alive! Kenya. 

Find information in Norwegian here.


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